TransTech Dynamics is a New Zealand owned business that has been operating since 1989. It specialises in offering advanced engineering design in the mechanical engineering sector.

TransTech Dynamics has particular expertise in the heavy transport industry and has developed some of the most innovative transport designs in the market today.

As a business, TransTech Dynamics is able to offer a “one-stop shop” for all your heavy vehicle design and certification requirements. TransTech Dynamics also offers a full range of mechanical engineering consultancy services, from a simple inspection report to a full design and build project.

Having both experienced and young staff with fresh ideas TransTech Dynamics is well equipped to provide the most appropriate solutions for almost any heavy transport design project.

By providing quality solutions TransTech Dynamics aims to give its clients a clear advantage over their competitors.

Our clients include drivers and operators, manufacturers, other engineers, managers of large businesses, insurance companies and general members of the public. Each client has their own goals and objectives, and ways of describing what they need. They also have varying levels of understanding of design principles and engineering possibilities.

The people at TransTech Dynamics therefore need to have first class skills at communicating with people, whether listening to requirements and ideas or explaining concepts, designs, rules, and engineering limitations.

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